Please pray for Faith’s family.

A beautiful little soul has gone on to God’s Kingdom. She is safe now in the arms of Jesus, no more pain, no more tears. She is at peace.

But her family is in pain. The grip of grief, pain, anguish, despair, unanswered questions, all this and more, can be so overwhelming in our time of loss. Sometimes there is no sense to be made, or reasons why to be answered. I know, because I’ve lived through it.

There were only 2 things that kept me going, 2 reasons that I helped me endure…knowing the love of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and knowing that my child was in His arms where he would be happy forevermore.

Even though it’s been over 11 years now since my son Jason died, there are still moments when all those feelings of grief and sadness return. And it’s in those moments when I realize just how much I need Jesus. Without His comforting and peace, I could not live.

I pray that Faith’s family will have the strength to hold onto the love & peace & comforting that only He can give, to know that their precious little girl is with Him now. I pray that they can know in their heart they will see her again one day, and find security in the family of Jesus. In the Holy name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.,0,4136837.story

About Amber Lea

Life was meant for caring and sharing, and that's what I do best. My words are seldom polished or rehearsed, they come straight from the heart. For the past 20 years I have been in education and information services. In the last 3 years, I have been writing articles on Wordpress & Faithwriters. My first book, "Faith, Hope & Miracles" has been published and is now available on The faith that God has given me has changed my life. My goal as an author is share encouragement, faith & hope in God's great love. ("This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you". John 15:12) My son and I share a small log cabin in the mountains of Alaska with our 2 dogs and 3 cats. Our frequent visitors include moose, fox, bears, eagles and owls, and occasionally a human or two.

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  1. christianofalaska

    Pleas pray for my mom and dad, my brother Daniel, and my Grandparents.


  2. Joining you in prayer for this family. May the Lord’s peace be found by them at this time. May they sense His comfort and strength. There are no adequate explanations, it just is what it is and I pray someone is taking the time to just sit with them, just be with them.


    • Thank you Gracie, for your heartfelt prayers. I apologize for taking so long to reply. It’s one of those seasons, when it seems like life comes crashing in all around. We’ve had severe flooding & wind storms all around our valley for over a week now, with more storms forecasted. Our cabin is up in the foothills, so I don’t think we are at risk, but lots of our friends & neighbors have lost their homes, roads & bridges are washed out, etc. But no lives have been lost, so that is a good side.

      As for Faith’s family, there is an investigation of the daycare facility, but the family is remaining quiet right now. I know they are grieving. In all the trials I’ve gone through, there has never been anything close to losing my children. But God did bring me through it, the 2nd time actually giving me a miracle in reviving & healing my youngest son. I’m trying to share with Faith’s family the hope & encouragement that God gives, but I know it’s hard for them right now.

      I also wanted to thank you for the award nominations. I don’t know very much about these awards, but I promise I will do my best to follow through with them. Homeschooling & writing keeps my schedule tied up a bit, but things are getting organized now. I will be checking in our your blog soon, until then, keep up the good work and God bless! – Amber


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