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(Reblogged) Studied Long and Studied Wrong

I like this! I’ve been guilty of second guessing too much. Many times I’ve missed the mark in following God’s will because of it.


Pool Table

For almost as long as I remember there was a pool table in our basement. At a pretty early age I learned the game. My dad and I spent countless hours trying to improve our games through the years. Even after I moved and came over to visit we would find ourselves going down the basement to play the game we loved! There were times when I took an unusual amount of time either lining a shot up or trying to figure out how to get position for the next shot. Sometimes after all of the study and detailed thinking the shot would go astray. At that point my dad would invariably say a little phrase “studied long and studied wrong.” Years ago I told my friend Steve about that saying and the other day he brought it up again. After all of these years it has stuck in his…

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